Barwell Renaissance Elementary School
              NC Department of Instruction Reward School

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Barwell Renaissance Elementary School

Mission Statement

The Staff at Barwell Renaissance Elementary School will empower students to become high achieving life-long learners who are responsible, productive and engaged with the global community.

Nationally recruited administration and faculty offers a comprehensive range of opportunities:

  1. Staff with a successful track record of student achievement

  2. Innovative classrooms with Project Based Learning Model

  3. Apple iPod Touch 1:1 (Grades 3-5, Small Group usage K-2)

  4. Innovative instruction with Discovery Education (K-5) and Achieve3000 (2-5)

  5. SMART technology and Document Cams

  6. Student Electronic Notebooks


 2013- 2014 Important Dates!  

Click on the calendar tab above for more information on school events and activities.

March 28 Track 4 Tracks Out/Early Release Day Dismissal begins at 1:15

April 18 Holiday - No School

April 22 Track 3 Tracks Out

May 9  Track 2 Tracks Out

May 26  Holiday No School

May 30  Last Day of School for Track 1

June 27 Last Day of School for Track 2, 3 and 4

3925 Barwell Road    Raleigh, NC 27610
Front Office :919-661-5405  Fax: 919-662-2111    
email: barwell@wcpss.netmailto:barwell@wcpss.netshapeimage_5_link_0

If you live in the SouthEast Raleigh area then check out our Community News Page!

Traumatic Brain Injury prevention
falls and motor vehicle crashes are the most
common causes of brain injury in school
-age children. However, participation in sports frequently results in brain injury, primarily concussion. There are many ways to reduce the chances that you or your child will sustain a brain injury or concussion.  Read each TBI Tidbits newsletters below to learn more.  You may also contact For more information, contact Barwell’s school psychologist, Jennifer Garcia:

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